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What Is Your Truth?

We often think of self-care as an exercise in how we treat ourselves. Part of this journey is to be mindful of who we decide to permit in our lives and if they promote our self-care. Energy is finite and we can only expense so much of it daily. To invest energy requires a conscious choice to place our emotions and beliefs into something or someone. One of life’s great learning lessons it to invest energy wisely. But how can we be certain? Is it so easy to distinguish between our beliefs and our emotions? Are they one and the same? While we readily admit that our emotions are often subjective, many categorize beliefs as entirely objective. Yet the reality lies within how we define truth. A term often applied with a stubborn certainty. But truth is as fluid as anything else. To recognize the impact that emotions and beliefs have on truth, is to recognize that truth can either be grounded or reactionary, individual or collective. In our session “Mindfulness & Manifestation” we explore these various concepts as they apply to co-parenting and cultivating healthy expectations. Feel free to submit a request if you are interested in learning more.

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