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Believing is Feeling

Patterns paint our existence. In our infancy, we conceptualize our world through sensory perception. Being present in experience is attained easily by our ceaseless curiosity. As we get older, the brain begins to register dynamics and defines its players. Through this cognitive process, we begin to identify patterns through engaging with other humans. Ethics, morals, and beliefs begin to form lending toward establishing our identity. But somewhere along the way, fear enters the picture. With the introduction of this element the dichotomy of our existence begins to reveal itself. With each choice we begin to choose between acting out of either fear or love. Realizing that not every friendly face can be trusted, we construct walls to protect ourselves from threat. In contrast to boundaries, walls are generally immovable. Distinguishing between healthy boundaries and walls created through overly-negative thinking can be a challenge. In our “mindfulness over beliefs” class, we focus on recognizing the internal narrative and its impact on communication. For more information, please feel free to submit a request.

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