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Don't go through your divorce or child custody case alone... we're here to help.

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Blending mental and behavioral health care with legal-related services to the change the way our community navigates divorce and custody conflict.

Transitions can be difficult. The emotional investment that goes along with change can often leave us running on empty. To try and navigate the various obstacles presented with an objective approach can feel like an impossible challenge. The Hoffman Bausek Group was founded to provide personable and effective aid to those moving into different chapters of life. Co-founders Mary H. Hoffman, LMSW and Derek R. Bausek, J.D. have over 20 years experience combined in both mental and behavioral health and legal services. Together, they offer efficient and affordable assistance to navigate and resolve challenges presented.


If you are going through separation, custody, divorce or in need of forensic, therapeutic, or alternative dispute resolution services to rebuild relations, we are here to support you. 

Our Services


Divorce,  child custody, and other civil suits can be overwhelming, confusing, and expensive. Our team of mediation and conflict resolution experts are here to guide you through the fog and reaching resolutions more quickly.​

Two Homes,
One Family

Conflict in a coparenting relationship is inevitable. This 5-8 week course on coparent communication teaches you how to have constructive conversations with your coparent by building rapport, predictability, and accountability. 

You will work with our coaches to learn communication tools and practice implementing them while discussing real points of conflict with your coparent. 

Optional mediation component available when applicable. 

Settlement Conference

Our ISC’s will include a mental health and dispute resolution professional. Together, these three professionals act as a team to provide the most optimal setting to encourage resolution and strengthening of the co-parent dynamic while concurrently resolving relevant legal issues. 

Contact Us

The first step in healing is to begin asking questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to explore options with you as part of our free consultation.

1585 E Leighfield Dr Suite 110, Meridian, ID 83646


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