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Two Homes, One Family

Co-Parent Communications Consulting

What is it all about?

Over a series of 5-8 two-hour sessions, we aid co-parents by addressing the underlying issues preventing effective communication. Beginning by engaging co-parents individually for sessions, we ensure each parent feels heard and understood. Once individual sessions have been completed, we bring parents together for group sessions. During these sessions, we apply core principles of effective communication that will aid in facilitating resolution. Such concepts include active listening, distinguishing grounded from reactionary statements, tools of dispute resolution, and more. Our goal is to provide long-term solutions for co-parent needs. For the additional benefit, we also offer the option of drafting Parenting Plan's and Communications Contracts should parents request through mediation. the mediative component of the program will occur after the 5th session. At that junction, parents will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to mediation. For parents who do not wish to have mediation, we offer all 8 sessions for education, as well in-session discussion. Feel free to contact for a copy of our course curriculum.

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