Reintegration Therapy

What is it all about?

• The primary goal of RT is to reintegrate a parent back into a child’s life in a controlled and therapeutic manner so that a new and secure bond may become established. • The process of RT can be long (6 +/- months), but it is designed to ensure a safe environment for the child/ren and parents involved under the close supervision of a therapist. • Most importantly RT facilitates the long-term goal of reconnecting or reintegrating the parent and child/ren for a long-lasting, healthy bond. • Examples appropriate for RT: When a child/ren refuses or resists seeing or spending time with a parent; when a child/ren presents with rigid, polarized, dependent, and highly entrenched perspectives of his/her parents; when there are concerns for alignment or estrangement; when there are enmeshed or unhealthy boundaries with either parent; when a child/ren’s relationship has deteriorated with a non-custodial parent; when beliefs or fears exist from the custodial parent, whether rational or irrational. • Custodial parent is responsible to transport child/ren to sessions and is HIGHLY influential in the success of the intervention. Custodial parent is expected to participate in sessions with the therapist and child/ren as requested. More “work” is often needed with the custodial parent, or “preferred parent,” than the non-custodial parent. • May not be an appropriate intervention for child/ren under 5, depending on the circumstances. • The therapist or mental health professional is not governed by IRFLP 717.