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Support Groups

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates dialogue between two parties with the purpose of reaching resolution for a set of outlined goals. Mediation is a preferred method to litigation given its element of confidentiality and a less adversarial atmosphere.

What is co-parent coaching?

Co-parent coaching is a process in which parents work with two coaches (either legal or mental health care background) to improve the foundation of their communication. Through a series of sessions that focus on various components of communication (grounded and reactionary desires, active listening, dispute resolution) parents begin to build their own Parenting Plan.

Do I have to file a Family Law proceeding to utilize these services?

No. In working within the courts, both Mary Hoffman and Derek Bausek recognized a need for community-centered aid and education for those contemplating litigation. The Hoffman Bausek Group exists to provide a pause between the community and the court. Even if you are not in an active proceeding, but contemplating so, our services provide both insight into the process of court and the ability accurately game plan for what comes next.

If I cannot afford the full cost of services up front, does this disqualify me?

No. We understand the financial burden that exists with legal matters. Wanting to ensure that lack of finance does not negate aid, we offer various payment plans dependent on services.

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